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Finland: Prosecutor General to open a limited preliminary investigation into FM Haavisto’s actions in Al-Hol affair…….


This case concerns the actions of the Finland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pekka Haavisto, handling the Al-Hol camp affair.


The Al-Hol camp located in Syria is holding thousands of suspected members of the now defeated ISIS caliphate. Among these detainees is a handful of Muslim women and children holding Finnish passports, Haavisto has been reportedly working behind the scenes with no oversight in trying to get them repatriated to Finland. He allegedly fired a bureaucrat for opposing his plans that he insisted were violating the law.

Extraordinary decision: A preliminary investigation into Pekka Haavisto’s actions 

The Constitutional Committee has dealt with the extraordinary case of Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto’s actions in Al-Hol.


At its meeting, the Constitutional Committee decided that Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (VIHR) in the Al-Hol case is asked to initiate a preliminary investigation. The Committee invited the Prosecutor General to open a limited preliminary investigation.


The Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs is Johanna Ojala-Niemelä (SD). The decision was unanimous.


The Committee on Constitutional Affairs has considered the legality of Haavisto’s office in the case of repatriation of Finnish citizens in the al-Hol camp. Ten MPs made ministerial responsibility for Haavisto’s actions, triggering an extraordinary process in Parliament in December.


If charges are filed, there could be a state trial. However, Ojala-Niemelä emphasizes that the decision of the committee is not a statement on whether the matter should go to the national court. According to Ojala-Niemelä, “a seed of doubt” remained, which was Haavisto’s motive to transfer Consular Chief Pasi Tuominen to another position.


“Among other things, a word like revenge was used,” Ojala-Niemelä told reporters in Parliament.


He also debated criminal titles in Parliament. According to her, the pre-trial investigation could be a question of an abuse of office or breach of official duty.



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