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A Turk in Germany: A Syrian brings a train to an emergency stop, interesting results ensue…….


This is my series on a Turkish friend of mine living in Germany, this is just one more experience…


I was getting back home on the intercity train from Dusseldorf to Berlin belonging to the German State Railways, I paid over 200 Euros for the trip because I did not know when my meetings will end. A Syrian Arab refugee started smoking and triggered the fire alarm, the train made an emergency stop.
The train staff questioned him through a translator, he said in Arabic that he did not think that smoking would not be allowed, he also did not have any ticket, “because he did not know”. They let him continue to travel, I guess this is how the German government works now. If I were to smoke they would fine me thousands of Euros, of that I am sure.





Why did the Berlin Railways make the signs in German and Arabic and not even in English?

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