Asylum MUSLIM SETTLERS Netherlands

Netherlands: Asylum seekers intimidating bus drivers leads to security guards riding shotgun…….


In Finland, they were commandeering buses, then given a slap on their wrists by the fake judicial system…


Asylum seekers intimidate bus drivers

A group of 25 asylum seekers have been found to intimidate bus drivers on the bus between Uden and Nijmegen.  They may refuse to pay, debate the price of the fare and may become aggressive towards bus drivers.


The central body for receiving asylum seekers says that about 8 of them come from the asylum seekers center in the town of Grave. It is not know where the remaining asylum seekers come from.


In the nearby town of Nijmegen, there is a massive phenomenon of robbing asylum seekers who come from safe countries and thus are not entitled to asylum




Asylum seekers intimidate bus drivers

According to Omroep Brabant, security guards now regularly ride the bus. The small group of asylum seekers regularly causes problems with boarding at Grave. For example, they refuse to pay, discuss the fare and are aggressive towards the bus driver, Connexxion claims. The attack and the nuisance mainly take place in the afternoon and evening.

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