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Netherlands: More Than Half of Moroccan Boys Have Commited a Crime…….


This is in the heartland of the Left’s multicultural experiment…

More than half Moroccan Boys have committed Crimes


Fifty four percent of Moroccan boys and men had committed at least one crime at the age of 22.


This results from a publication in the Journal of Criminology (Tijdschrift voor Criminologie) The figure relates to those born in 1984 with at least one Moroccan parent. For the entire age group the figure is 14%.


The basis for the study is the police system HKS.




“Half of Moroccan boys committed a crime”

AMSTERDAM (ANP) – More than half of Moroccan boys committed at least one crime at the age of 22. According to research published Friday in the Journal of Criminology.


This concerns 54 percent of the boys and men who were born in the Netherlands in 1984 from at least one Moroccan parent. Of the Dutch men in the same age group, 20.3 percent committed one or more crimes before their 23rd birthday.


In 1984, according to the researchers, over 87,500 boys and over 83,300 girls were born in the Netherlands. For the purpose of comparison, they have been divided into categories Dutch, Moroccan, Surinamese, Antillean, Turkish and ‘other’. More than 14 percent of the entire group had at least one offense at the age of 22. The scientists used the HKS police system, which can be used for scientific research since 1996.



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