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UK: Ex Bolton top cop speaks out over ‘Asian grooming scandal’…….


Tommy Robinson was banging pots and pans, shouting to the top of his lungs in the streets of England about this for years, why is it that, it’s always an ex-“this or that official” to come clean, and not an official currently in office..?


The same can be said for retired/emeritus academics as well.


Most of the victims were in care and authorities knew they were being “subjected to the most profound abuse and exploitation” but did “not protect them from the perpetrators”.


Ex Bolton top cop speaks out over ‘Asian grooming scandal’

By Steven Thompson Audience & Content Editor


A FORMER Bolton police inspector is calling for the compensation of children who were sexually exploited by grooming gangs 16 years ago.


A damning report found police and social workers failed to protect at least 57 girls from a paedophile network based in south Manchester.


And John Piekos, who has since set up Safe and Free, a charity working to tackle modern slavery and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), wants action to help the victims recover.


John, who at the time covered Bolton CID and worked in the murder and hostage investigation department, said: “These girls are victims of crimes who have to wrestle with the horrors of the abuse they experienced sometimes for the rest of their lives.

“They were badly let down by the very system which should have protected them and prepared them for a normal life.


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