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UK: Black Accuser of Beloved News Anchor of Racism Has History of Anti-White Bigotry…….


This is what happens when racist bigotry is seen as virtuous…


Shapland thought he was just being normal in slamming people based upon the color of their skin because it’s all the rage these days in Leftist victimology circles. White people are to blame for every mutually shared sin under the sun, while (the grossly offensive term) “people-of-color” are blameless in every respect.


The news anchor, Alastair Stewart, was not calling the man an ape, Shapland’s claim was just an opportunistic attempt to claim victimhood, while Shapland is clearly using race as a sledgehammer against white people he doesn’t like. That he felt free to opine in this manner shows the level in which society, in general, has sunk. All racist rhetoric is wrong, you can’t blame people for their immutable features, if you do, the problem lies with you, not the target of your abuse.


Referring to White people as “cheesecake” or in the US, as “whitebread” is racist, just as racist as referring to Blacks as “nappy haired” (and a host of other pejoratives). This is why, among other reasons, I don’t sign on to identity politics. It’s self-defeating and immorally wrong. That said, I still don’t want to see Shapland fired from his job, any more than I want to see Stewart fired from his.


‘He didn’t have to go!’ Alastair Stewart accuser breaks his silence to say he didn;t want the ITN veteran sacked and an ‘apology would have done’ after ‘angry ape’ race row

  • Black Twitter user Martin Shapland highlighted ‘f***ing white privilege’ in tweets
  • Mr Shapland complained ITN presenter Alastair Stewart called him ‘angry ape’
  • 34-year-old deleted all his tweets today amid scrutiny of his own social media
  • Referred to panel on diversity as ‘so rich and so white it’s basically a cheesecake’


Mr Shapland, of east London, said today: ‘No one is perfect. We are all human. An apology and commitment to be more careful about language was all that I would have asked.

‘It is regrettable that he has decided to stand down and I take no pleasure in that. He has evidently gone through and ITN and ITV process and I respect his choice’.


He added: ‘I consider the matter to be closed, accept Mr Stewart’s expression of regret and wish him the best for the future.’


Accusations that Mr Shapland has ‘issues with White people’ came after he was revealed to have described groups of white people as ‘cheesecakes’.


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