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Finnish (Communist) international law professor cries foul over domestic pushback against his barking mad ruminations……


These Marxists are so thin-skinned, they’re almost translucent…


Also, any pushback by a Finns party member, or their supporters, is called “targeting” by these kooks. No such a label was ever invented for what other Finnish parties or their members had done against the Finns party. What “SKP-Scheinin” is essentially saying is “how dare you fight back!”


Finns Party members have been demonized and dragged through the mud by the ruling elite and their media for years, and now, when they’re the top leading party any pushback is somehow to be deemed as illegitimate. This is the same party whose party roster for local elections was berated by looks alone. A picture collage of Finns party member candidates was floating around social media, Leftist politicians/their supporters and the media were openly mocking them.


It was something they all would be in faux outrage over if a Finns Party member/supporter was doing that to other parties, especially if they came from a non-Finnish background. So spare me the tears of anguish and hurt feelings.


Incident of Juha Mäenpää creates major dispute between Martin Schein and Finns Party: “Master’s textbook targeting”

26.1.202012:14updated 26.1.202012:14

Professor Martin Scheinin maintains his view that the police’s assessment of the ‘ suspicion of crime ‘ will remain in force if the Parliament does not consent to the prosecution of parliamentarian, Juha Mäenmäki.


The case of Juha Mäenpää, a Finns MP, has caused a major dispute between international law professor and of human rights, Martin Scheinin and the Finns Party.


The national prosecutor, Raija Toiviainen, decided during the week to ask Parliament for consent to prosecute Mäenpää for his speech in the plenary session of Parliament. As the speech was made in Parliament, Mäenpää is protected by parliamentary immunity.


Prosecution of MPs is behind an exceptionally high threshold, as it requires a five-sixth majority.


However, according to different legal scholars, the purpose of the provision of immunity is not to act as a prosecuting agent, which generally prevents a parliamentary representative from being prosecuted.


The shock arose from Scheinin’s interpretation that the police ‘assessment of “reason to suspect a crime” would remain valid if Parliament did not consent to the prosecution.


“In a preliminary investigation, the suspect is and should be treated as a suspected criminal. The prosecution assesses whether the suspicion exceeds the threshold. If the police end up with a “reason to suspect” estimate and a majority in Parliament prevents the MP from being prosecuted, he may be said to be a criminal suspect, “Scheinin wrote on Twitter.



Leena Meri , a Finns Party deputy, deplores Scheinin’s view.


“Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise in court. The same applies if the consent of the plaintiff is required or if the act is time-barred. If one cannot blame the person he/she is still innocent, not guilty. There is a presumption of innocence in the rule of law, ” she tweeted.


Scheinin replied that if the Finns prevent the parliament from prosecution, the court or prosecutor’s judgment will never be obtained as to whether Mäenpää was guilty of the crime.


“All that’s left is a police assessment” on the reason for suspicion”. In the proceedings, he would be protected by the presumption of innocence. You will prevent its legal effect. ” You are blocking its legal effect. ”



Mikko Vuorenpää , a professor of procedural law at the University of Lapland, has also taken part in the discussion, who says that unless the conditions are met for prosecution, it cannot be concluded that there is any suspicion of guilt.


Jussi Halla-aho, chairman of the Finns Party, described the incident as worrying and, on Twitter, called Scheinin… “SKP-Scheinin”.


“SKP-Scheinin has gone badly. I find it very worrying if the Constitutional Committee of Parliament still uses such a person as an expert, ”he wrote on Twitter.


Scheinin is accused Halla-aho of targeting.


“Master’s textbook targeting: a) Give the subject a mocking name, b) Don’t send a message to the target; your own troops are allowed to handle it, (c) suggest silencing the target. “




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