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Finland: Ex-Iraqi soldier/asylum seeker gets probational sentence for beheading man’s corpse in Iraq and posing with it…….


Do we really want people wandering around in the country who believe such a horrific act is considered “normal”..?


Because he was a soldier claiming asylum, he shouldn’t have been allowed into the country in the first place, secondly, this kind of hand-slap sentence is beyond the pale. I remember how Finnish politicians and the media were in an uproar over how some US soldiers behaved with an Iraqi soldier’s corpse during Bush’s war there.


Caught on film urinating on the corpse, a handful of soldiers were eviscerated here (and worldwide due to the hatred of George W Bush), the media were literally howling over it, demanding judicial punishment. In the wake of this guy’s act being discovered, and the subsequent verdict, we’re hearing crickets from them in comparison.

He cut off a head and posed with it on video – a conditional sentence for an Iraqi soldier in Helsinki, explaining the act was “the normal way”

The former Iraqi Army Corps soldier admitted to the act committed on the front, but denied a war crime.
  • According to the ex – soldier, cutting off the enemy ‘s head is a common practice and a manifestation of heroism in his country.
  • The accused stated that he had acted in emotional distress. The terrorists had cut off the heads of his comrades.
  • The Helsinki District Court disagreed with the nature of the act.


In a ruling on Thursday, the Helsinki District Court sentenced a 41 – year – old Iraqi man to one and a half years in prisonThe sentence is conditional because the man has not previously been convicted of a crime for imprisonment.


The war crime was committed in the city of Karma in Iraq in early March 2015.


Iraq’s army was fighting in Isis – a terrorist organization againstThe army was victoriousIsis – fighters were killed.


Before the victory, however, Isis had taken four Iraqi army soldiers hostageIsis executed his prisoner by cutting off their heads.



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