Denmark Free Speech Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson Delivers Keynote Speech In Danish Parliament: The Cost Of Freedom…….


I could never be more proud of this man…



A note from Brian of London:

Dear government and elites in the UK, a short thread about your attempted suppression of Tommy Robinson through your ability to control private enterprises like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube /1


Tommy Robinson’s latest and possibly greatest speech in Denmark accepting the highly prestigious Sappho award is all over the web. There has been no UK media coverage that he won this award. /2


The Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet) has given this in the past to Douglas Murray and Roger Scruton, Kurt Westergaard and Fleming Rose. Silence in the UK. /3


Despite that his barnstorming acceptance speech, which is a direct attack on the quisling elites of the UK and their subservient presstitutes who will character assassinate for them on demand, is being watched. /4


Because you have tried to suppress all Tommy Robinson related material, it is replicated all over the place, multiple YouTube uploads, 3speak, LBRY and sites you’ve never heard of. /5


I’m banned from Facebook, it is probably there too but I can’t even be bothered to look. The fun part is this allows you, the quisling elites, to THINK he’s not as popular as he was. Good. Keep underestimating him. /6


Original YouTube Upload of the Free Press Society video has almost 10,000 views for a 1hr20m video on a channel with 1.3k subs. But the video is mirrored all over the place. /7

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