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Finns Party polling at 24.9%, intends regional push in upcoming 2021 elections…….


I’m hoping for the present government to fold first…

Finns Party looks to lead

The latest Yle poll of political party support showed the opposition Finns Party leading the pack with backing from 24.9 percent of voters surveyed.


According to Turku’s Turun Sanomat, even though the next parliamentary elections are more than three years away, Finns Party leaders are already discussing a return to government.


In an interview with the paper, the party’s first vice-chair, Riikka Purra pointed out that the next concrete measure of popularity will be seen in municipal elections in 2021 and that her party intends a major local and regional push.


Purra told the paper that research is showing that the party’s image has improved since the departure of its former long-time leader Timo Soini.


“Rhetoric is not the same as a political agenda. Of course, in politics one has to be able to come up with slogans, but they have to be backed up by substance. Hopefully, now, people know what we are aiming at and why,” said Purra.


As an example, Riikka Purra stated that the Finns Party’s policy on immigration is more clear than in the past.


“We do not oppose foreigners. Our reason for criticising some types of immigration is mainly economic. It would be expensive for Finland.


Immigration that benefits Finland doesn’t need to be criticised,” stated Purra.


Riikka Purra told Turun Sanomat that the party is already making plans to be prepared for negotiations to join in a new government. Looking ahead to the next national elections, she pointed out, “If voter support is like it is now, we can be in first place”.



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