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Finnish Communist MP Tries To Put Sheen On Her Anti-Israel Activism, Tried To Enter Gaza Without Permission…….


UPDATE: It now looks to be a coordinated effort, with the leader of the Finnish Left Alliance (Communist), Li Andersson, the current Minister of Education, weighing in on the situation, stating that:


UPDATE II: Minister of Education, Li Andersson (pictured below) knew in advance what she planned to do. She also states that she only knew of the details through the Finnish media on Tuesday. Yeah….riiiight.


LEFT ALLIANCE chairman, the Minister of Education Li Andersson says that she was aware of the party’s MPs Anna Kontula intentions to visit Israel and the Palestinian Territories


Chairman of the Left Alliance, Minister of Education Li Andersson, said Anna Kontula (left) MP on the Gaza border is in line with the values ​​of the Left Alliance


It was just yesterday when MP Anna Kontula (Vas)  attempted to violate the legal Israeli blockade of Gaza, now I learn that ICAHD, headed by Skysy Räsänen is arranging another anti-Israel bashing event, which will have as a guest speaker, the SDP’s anti-Israel former FM, Erkki Tuomioja (who never seems to go away). It’s scheduled for the 20th of this month, it’s press release was published ….yesterday, the same day as Kontula’s attempted incursion on Israel’s crossing with Gaza.


This is not coincidental.


It appears both anti-Israel Tuomioja & Hussein al-Taee hosted Palestinians in the Finnish parliament yesterday as well:



The Palestinian Friendship Group of the Parliament, which I chair, welcomed Palestinian Deputy Foreign Minister Amal Jadou and his delegation today. The meeting was also attended by, among others. Ambassador of Finland to Palestine, Anna-Kaisa Heikkinen and Taissir Al Adjouri, Ambassador of Finland to Palestine.
We heard about the current situation in Palestine and the increased grip by Israel, the situation in the Occupied Territories and the settlements, the views of the young Palestinian generation and the harmful effects of Trump’s Israeli policy on the whole conflict. The Deputy Foreign Minister also pointed out that the situation in Palestine is no longer given the same attention in Europe as before. The Friendship Group also received an invitation to visit the Palestinian Territories.
The Palestinian Friendship Group in Parliament did not get organized until Christmas, and today I also told the delegation that this was a very good start for the group.


The “Vasemmisto” MP currently in the Finnish Parliament is an avowed Communist…


So now she can rub elbows with all of her commie peeps who will be impressed by her being held for ten hours by the Israeli border guards.


Yle spins it: Left Alliance MP held in Israel over arms trade criticism
The MP said she resisted pressure to sign documents in Hebrew about her alleged offences.


MP Anna Kontula taken into custody in Israel – trying to reach Gaza without permission

Anna Kontula, a left-wing MP, was arrested in Israel on Monday.


Kontula was part of an international activist group which intended an unauthorized entry into in Gaza with the aim of drawing the world’s attention to the situation in Gaza.


Kontula was released after being apprehended for more than ten hours. Kontula said in an announcement that she was being pressured to write a statement in which she would have accepted her being suspected of interfering with the investigation and endangering public security. Kontula refused to sign the statement, which she did not consider to be true.


In her trip to the Palestinian Territories and in a demonstration blocked by the Israeli authorities, Kontula wanted to draw attention to how Finland is also supporting its arms purchases and against the West Bank wall and human rights violations in Gaza. She demands that Finland stop the arms trade with Israeli companies.


The Palestinian Territory of Gaza has been living with more than 10 years of being blockaded by Israel and Egypt. The blockade has sought to put pressure on Islamist Hamas to give up power. Israel, the United States and the EU classify Hamas as a terrorist organization.



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