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Finland: Climate Change Activist Interior Minister (Greens) Marries Big Oil Exec…….


The gross hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me…


Big government is always about cronyism, who you know etc.. That she dares to lecture the rest of us on the evils of fossil fuels while having a big oil exec as a bedroom mate, and personally benefiting from it, speaks of her gross hypocrisy which is all too prevalent in every society throughout the west.

Interior Minister marries oil firm exec

Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo revealed on New Year’s Eve that she had married her partner Miika Johansson.


Interior Minister and Green Party chair Maria Ohisalo announced on Tuesday that she had married biofuels trader Miika Johansson.


Johansson works with North European Oil Trade, which operates in the wholesale oil and biofuels market. The firm is owned by Finnish duopoly retailer S-Group’s SOK and Finnish energy company ST1.


Johansson had previously disclosed on LinkedIn that he would be taking up the position of director responsible for ST1’s renewable energy business unit in May.



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