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Germany: Christmas party attacked after unruly Syrian asked to leave, comes back with 7 other unruly Muslims……..


The enrichment much promised fails to pan out…


Aue (Saxony) – Drama on Christmas Eve in the parish of St. Nicolai in the Saxon town of Aue. The parish office had invited the needy to spend Christmas Eve together. In the end there was a stabbing and a seriously injured community worker.


There was apparently a dispute during the giving in the parish office. A Syrian man (53) then had to leave the celebration.


“A little later a group of several men appeared at the venue around 10.20 pm”, said police spokesman Steffen Marquardt. They were described as people from the Arab world.


On it: new argument! It culminated in assaults against an Iranian (34). An employee (51) of the parish wanted to settle the dispute – and was stabbed.


The man came to a clinic seriously injured. Emergency surgery at night! In the meantime, he is probably out of danger. The 34-year-old Iranian suffered minor injuries.


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