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Top news: Al-Hol’s Finns were summoned by Kurdish authorities, searching for orphans

It is reported that Kurds are transferring children to the Finnish authorities.

Al-hol camp


Yle has been confirmed that Kurdish authorities have sought Finnish orphan children from the al-Hol camp in Syria.


Yle got in touch with a relative of an al-Hol detainee living in Finland.


A person in the camp had told her family that the Kurdish authorities had gathered all the Finns in the camp on Monday. They were photographed at the time, among other things.


The next day the Finns were again invited to the gate of the camp. At that time, the Kurds had taken two orphans with them. The Finnish women who took care of them did not know in advance that the children would be sought.


According to a relative, the Finnish authorities have not contacted the women who took care of the children.


Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto previously told YLE that the Finnish authorities are currently conducting an evacuation operation at the al-Hol camp, but that the children are not yet in the possession of the Finnish authorities. 


Information on orphans in September


Yle reported the first news item about children in al-Hol camp in September.


According to information obtained in September, the mother of children under school age was killed in the Isis-controlled area a couple of years ago.


The older child is known to be a full orphan, both of his Finnish parents have died.


The younger child has a different father whose conflicting fate is known. According to some information, he would have died. According to uncertain information, he would be a prisoner of the Kurdish regime in Syria.


Yle does not disclose personally identifiable information about children or relatives for their safety



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