Finland: Governments actions in Al-Hol camp debate raised more questions in Parliament than it answered…….


Is this the hill the current Finnish government is willing to die on..?


I am reading that one of the coalition partners in the current government is not totally convinced by the PM. Not all Center Party members are convinced that the government is telling the truth, and many of these MP’s are worried about their seats in government if they press ahead with a yes vote. It means that today’s vote of confidence in parliament will be divided among those who are hardened ideologues and those who are actually seeking the truth and concerned about security that this government is obviously not pursuing.


From the Finns Party News:

The debate raised more questions in Parliament than it answered

According to  Finns MP, Olli Immonen, Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Greens) did not answer any of the questions that were asked concerning the minister’s activities during the parliamentary debate.


The Finns and other opposition parties asked a long and detailed list of questions on Pekka Haavisto’s disorderly conduct, but he did not answer at all.


– The debate on Haavisto’s ministerial activities and the repatriation of the Isis families raised more new questions in Parliament than they answered, says Olli Immonen .


Agreements must not compromise security


Immonen criticizes the fact that, even in today’s inter-parliamentary debate, the politicians of the government parties constantly appealed to international treaties and the Finnish Constitution in their defense of bringing the Isis families to Finland.


– Countries that are bound by the same international treaties as Finland and whose constitutions guarantee their citizens strong fundamental rights have taken a stricter stance than Finland on the repatriation of Isis families.


– Relying on international agreements cannot justify the importation of dangerous ISIS members to Finland. The agreements must not be interpreted to where it endangers the security of Finns, Immonen says.


According to Immonen, one can also ask whether Finland has violated the Convention on the Rights of the Child by not preventing children from being taken to a war zone.


– The binding nature of these clauses seems to be more on the subject and on the interpreter than on the clause itself.


Who are we bringing to Finland?


Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti said in his reply to complaints about the situation in al-Hol that, according to the information he received, the repatriation of adults “could endanger the fundamental and human rights of others in Finland”.


– This perspective, raised by the Chancellor of Justice, is important to take into account in any discussion on immigration in Finland.


– The current interim debate revealed that the government intends to jeopardize the fundamental and human rights of Finns by bringing to Finland not only Isis children but also their mothers, Immonen says.


Isis children can also be a threat


According to the Security Police, not only Isis women, but also Isis children can be a security threat to Finland. The Isis children have been in very difficult circumstances in the conflict area and are exposed to violence and Islamist propaganda in the area.


– The message of the Security Police deserves serious consideration. The board must rely on Supo’s estimate, Immonen says.


Immonen recalls that the repatriation of Finnish citizens abroad is always a matter of extradtion between nations. The power of the Finnish state does not extend to Syria.


Are they all Finnish citizens?


According to media reports, the camp includes both native Finns and women whose families were originally from another country. The fathers of the children are unlikely to be Finnish citizens.


– At least some of the children in the camp were born outside of Finland, the Caliphate. The children were born abroad and one of their parents has a Finnish passport. In Finland, citizenship is inherited from the mother if the mother registers the child in the population register or applies for Finnish citizenship.


– Have Finnish citizenship been granted or even applied for? How will the citizenship of the children in the camp be determined? How is it determined that the children to be repatriated are definitely biological children of a Finnish mother and not children of other persons? There are a lot of open questions here, Immonen says.


Government activities must be based on law


Immonen also points out that persons within the territory of another state are not subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Finland.


– The authority’s activities must be based on law. The laws of Finland do not apply to persons other than those under Finnish jurisdiction.

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