Finland to repatriate kids from the ISIS Al-Hol detention camp in Syria…….



Finland to repatriate kids from Al-Hol

Tuntematon nainen ja lapsi kuvattuna al-Holin leirillä Syyriassa helmikuussa 2019.

Finnish media on Tuesday dives into the government’s decision on Monday evening to repatriate Finnish children from the Al Hol refugee camp in northeast Syria “as soon as possible.”


Just for kids


While PM Sanna Marin’s government on Monday said the state had a responsibility to help Finnish children leave Al Hol, it had no obligation to aid adults who had voluntarily travelled to the area, reports national daily Helsingin Sanomat.


Marin said it was up to the appropriate authorities to determine whom will be brought to Finland and when.


Emerging from a four-hour meeting on Monday, Marin’s cabinet came up with a ten-point plan on how to deal with Finns in the refugee camp. The new administration had been under pressure to produce guidelines on how to handle Finnish women and children in the camp ahead of a parliamentary interpellation on Tuesday, which will be followed by the new government’s first confidence vote on Wednesday.


Marin’s administration said it will also explore whether Finland’s terrorist laws should be updated. “I believe the Justice Minster will take a firm lead on this,” the PM added



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