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Katie Hopkins: Boris’ Win: A ‘Seismic Moment in Our History’…….


Putting your own country first seems to be a winning formula, real patriots like Trump and Johnson know that..!


Boris’ Win: A ‘Seismic Moment in Our History’

Boris Johnson has a new blue-collar army – hard-working, decent people who put family, Queen and country first.

There are still times this little island I live on manages to surprise me. Right now, I could kiss it’s rolling hills and green and pleasant lands.


Boris Johnson’s stunning win in the British General Election 2019 is simply electrifying. It gives him a clear majority in the House of Commons and an equally clear mandate to Get Brexit Done by 31 January.


The reaction of decent Brits and law-abiding patriots could not be more thrilling. Boris re-imagined a clip from Love, Actually in his campaign and right now it really does feel as if there is ‘joy all around’.


It is not just that Boris won. Nor the size of his majority at 78. Nor the fact that his power is nearing Thatcher’s.


It is the affirmation that the heart and soul of this country is still intact. That the British spirit is alive and kicking and that some kind of fight-back for our Judeo-Christian culture is on.


Despite the fact our supporters are silenced in the media, unrepresented by broadcasters and unheard in life, we are still here, ready to shout and to act when we are called upon – or, indeed, finally allowed to.


This is a very British revolution. No battles waged in the street, as in France with the Gilets Jaunes still out there week on week. No stones thrown, or windows broken, as on the streets of Hong Kong. No streak of flames across the night sky as a Molotov cocktail is tossed in anger.

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