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UK: Leftist thug-mob clashes with police over Labour loss to Tories…….


A complete rejection of representative democracy…


One day, and it will happen, when a Leftist candidate wins an election and instills his/her government, and people take to protesting whatever police, Leftist thugs will descend upon them like locusts on a wheat field. What we are seeing is the end of is the peaceful exchange of power. What looms ahead is street-thug political violence (terrorism) and then civil war.


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘This is What Democracy Looks Like’ – Mob Clashes With Police Over Losing Election


Chaos erupted on the streets of London last night as socialist anti-Brexit protestors violently clashed with police chanting slogans like “not my prime minister” and “one solution, revolution”.


Socialists, Antifa, and anti-Brexiteers took to the streets to show their disapproval of the British people’s democratic will while chanting “this is what democracy looks like”, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s landslide election victory over the far-left Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


One woman told Breitbart London: “Fuck Boris, fuck racism, fuck homophobia, fuck all you pigs.”


“[Boris Johnson] is a pig and I’m so ashamed that he’s the prime minister of my country, it’s disgusting and I wish him the worst, I wish him a horrible death,” said another woman.


“To see working-class people care about Boris Johnson, they’re shooting themselves in the face, it’s disgusting and yeah I wish him the worst. Go fuck yourself Boris Johnson, honestly, what a cunt,” she added.


Holding placards with Socialist Worker slogans like ‘Defy Tory Rule’ and ‘Open the Borders, No Deportations’ and banners reading ‘Queer Resistance’, hundreds of protestors outside Number 10 Downing Street broke through barricades, blocking traffic and violently clashing with police.


At least two protestors were arrested during last night’s protest, one for assaulting a police officer and another for brawling, the Telegraph reports.


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