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Finland: Five women in Kurd-run al-Hol detention camp want to return, one wants to wait for reemergence of ISIS caliphate…….


Let them all rot there…


Not one of them is worth the risk they pose to the lives of anyone in Finland. Period.


Picture H/T: Jari Leino

At least five women in the al-Hol camp would like to return to Finland, according to the relatives and women in the camp

Yle has received information about six women in the camp. One of them does not want to return, but stays in camp waiting for the new arrival of the Isis Caliphate.

Al-hol camp

At least five women in the al-Hol camp in Syria would like to return to Finland with their children. Yle has received information about six women in the camp.


Yle received a message from two women, the rest comes from interviews with their relatives in Finland. Yle interviewed three different relatives, one of whom gave information about two women.


The only woman who was reached by YLE who did not want to return said she openly hoped for the re-emergence of the so-called Islamic state, the Isis Caliphate.


– I left Finland so I could practice Islam freely. Why would I go back to that prison? woman communicating from al-hol camp.


She feels that the camp in al-Hol has a “strong community similar to that of the dawla” in the so-called Islamic state. She is sorry, however, that there is no Sharia law, but otherwise it is allowed to practice Islam.


– In Finland I am not able to follow Islam as here. And anyway, since my wish is to return to the Islamic state, I would hardly be able to come back from Finland. Here it is only a matter of time before the dawla comes back, writes a native Finnish woman from the al-Hol camp.


All the women in the camp are known to have children.


Others have been wanting to return to Finland for a long time

The “Minna” interviewed by Yale in August, who then questioned her return to Finland , has been hoping for a long time to come to Finland with her children. He confirms this with a message to Yle.


Other women who wish to return to Finland also say that they have wanted to return for a long time.


Finnish women at al-Hol camp in Syria.

According to relatives, women are queried almost daily about news of al-Hol.


Relatives report that the moods of women in the camp vary. They have been in al-Hol camp since March. Some women are concerned about the climate in Finland that opposes them, while others are concerned about possible care.

One of her relatives tells Yle that the authorities have been in contact with her for less than a month. They asked for photos of the woman in the camp. The Finnish authorities had said they were “prepared” for the camp to change for one reason or another. Otherwise, the authorities have not been in contact with him.


According to his own, this supports the statements made by Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto. According to Haavisto, after the Chancellor of Justice’s statement in October, authorities have drawn up plans to evacuate women and children from al-Hol camp. According to Haavisto, however, no actual operation has been initiated.


According to relatives, the women in the camp have deplored the harsh conditions in the camp. Recently, tents and heavy winds have overturned and damaged the tents. Cold nights are also a challenge.


At the Al-Hol camp in north-east Syria, women in Isis and their children are being extremized.


According to YLE, there are eleven Finnish women in the camp. They have about 30 children. Yle has met six adult women on site in May and August.


While on a visit to the al-Hol camp in May, two other women said they wanted to return to Finland. They could not be reached now.


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