Islamic Child Abuse Pedophilia Rape

Jihad Watch: Muslim cleric says “Allah permitted Prophet Muhammad to marry Aisha as a 9 years old”……..


Pedophilia in every sense of the word…


Robert Spencer gives a very good rundown on other Muslim/Islamic authorities stating the same, but first the video:


Islamic apologists in the West routinely deny that Aisha was nine. Will they accuse this cleric of “Islamophobia”?


Child marriage is sanctioned in Islam.


Islamic tradition records that Muhammad consummated his marriage with (i.e., raped) Aisha when she was nine, and the resultant fact that child marriage is accepted in wide swaths of the Islamic world. Child marriage has abundant attestation in Islamic tradition and law.


Turkey’s directorate of religious affairs (Diyanet) said in January 2018 that under Islamic law, girls as young as nine can marry.


“Islam has no age barrier in marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this” — Ishaq Akintola, professor of Islamic Eschatology and Director of Muslim Rights Concern, Nigeria


“There is no minimum marriage age for either men or women in Islamic law. The law in many countries permits girls to marry only from the age of 18. This is arbitrary legislation, not Islamic law.” — Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-‘Ubeidi, Iraqi expert on Islamic law.


More here.

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