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Finnish authorities prepare for return of al-Hol jihadi Finns next Thursday…….


This situation has been on the backburner in Finnish politics for over half a year, ever since the Trump administration began in earnest to destroy the ISIS caliphate. The Left has been vocal about their desire to see Muslims from Finland who joined up with the Islamic Caliphate repatriated from the al-Hol refugee camp that’s administrated by the Syrian Kurds. The Finns Party, as well as the National Coalition, have been against it, with the latter rejecting repatriating the parents but not their children.


Finnish law requires officials not to split families, removing children from their parents in such situations, so a sort of limbo has developed in regards to what to do with them. The current Foreign Minister, Pekka Haavisto, has been accused of doing an end-run around parliament by his sidelining of a foreign ministry official for the failure to agree with his intentions of bringing these jihadis back to Finland. He (Haavisto) has subsequently apologized for the removal of the man and stated that he can return to his post.


In the aftermath of Prime Minister Antti Rinne’s (SDP) resignation from office for his handling of the postal strike, Sanna Marin, has coalesced the needed votes from her party to become the new PM, the youngest ever in Finland, and first woman for the Social Democrats. She’s a hardcore Marxist. It appears that her first act as PM will be to bring back jihadi families to Finland. The Social Democrats are polling presently fourth among the top political parties, with The Finns party currently leading them in the polls with a comfortable 11 point lead.


Instead of calling for new elections, after Rinne’s resignation, the highly unfavorable government is still pressing ahead as if the polls matter little at all. Every single party involved in this government is now headed by a woman, the government has essentially become a feminist, Marxist orientated government, something of which voters earlier this year did not vote for, and reject today. It will not last long, mark my words.


IS source: Authorities prepare for return of al-Hol Finns next Thursday

ACCORDING TO AN IS SOURCE, authorities are preparing to receive Finns returning from the al-Hol camp next week.


According to a reliable IS source, the health authorities in Helsinki have recently been informed that a return aircraft will arrive in Finland on the 19th of December – that is, on Thursday next week.

IS did not receive official confirmation of the information.

If the plans for the return date have been subsequently changed, the same authorities have not been notified of the changes, at least, according to the IS source. The date of 19.12. has also been spoken of within the city’s health service management late last week, a source tells IS.

According to IS information, the EXCEPTIONAL operation has been planned for a long time and with great care. Tasks are divided between workers and professionals who are aware of their respective roles.


In the social and health sector, preparations have been made for, among other things, health examinations in children’s clinics for newcomers.



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