Islam in France

France: Rapper’s song lauds ‘Great Replacement’ in new song…….


Most likely of Moroccon or Algerian descent…


Regardless of whether our political leaders believe it or not, Muslims and Muslim immigrants do.

French Rapper Brags About ‘Great Replacement’ In New Song

A French rapper from a migrant-background has released a song bragging about “the Great Replacement” theory of rapid demographic change in the Western world.


The song, entitled ‘The Great Replacement’, was released earlier this week by French rapper Younès, who states in the lyrics, “The great replacement? It’s your daughter who likes me, who will make me children.”


“The great replacement is me, then them, then you. The big bad guys are us,” the rapper states, going on to add, “I’m rare, like the whites at Gare du Nord” in reference to the train station in Northern Paris where an attack by radical Islamic terrorists in 2017 was foiled by police.


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