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Finland Interior Minister of scandal-racked government exploring way to accommodate Islamic hijab with police uniform in attempt to fill police ranks with more immigrants……..


So Ohisalo is, in fact, a part time-racist (and a moron)…


The fact that she’s stating minorities need officials that look like them in order to get along in society, stereotypes the same people that she insists she is helping. It’s entirely patronizing. Also, the jump to incorporating the hijab into the police uniform is a dangerous move. This is exactly what I’ve been warning about for over 10 years. Islamification of society with sharia-supremacist norms.


What girl in a Muslim family fleeing honor-related oppression would want to be subjected to a woman sporting the same attire that she herself is fleeing from? This is pure common sense.


Maria Ohisalo to HS: More minority representatives are needed in the police

ELISA HYVÄRINEN 12/7/2019 | 9:34- updated 12/7/2019 | 10:28

According to the Interior Minister, allowing use of the Muslim scarf with the police uniform is being investigated.


Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo (Green), in the Helsingin Sanomat’s monthly supplement, says she considers it important to have more minority representatives in the police, such as Muslims and Swedish speakers.


According to Maria Ohisalo, one practical problem at the moment is police uniforms. According to Ohisalo, the police division within the Ministry of the Interior is currently exploring ways in how to combine a Muslim scarf with police uniforms.


“It would be important for the police to have a better understanding of people coming from different cultures, as this would help to establish a confidential relationship between the authority and the citizens,” Ohisalo tells HS.


– I have met young Muslim women who would like to go to the police, but the scarf can be a barrier to it. There are certainly good solutions to this.


To the delight of Ohisalo, she says that she has noticed the police also understand that fighting crime is not just about guns and armored cars, but also, for example, about substance abuse and housing policy.


However, the Interior Minister expresses concern that the Finns party chairman, Jussi Halla-aho, and other Finns members have questioned the impartiality of the police, especially in the investigation of so-called hate speech offenses.


– The speech about the politicized police is a way of destroying the recognized and credible institutions of this society. That’s what certain movements are trying to do: break up and thereby control, and that’s a worrying trend, says Maria Ohisalo.

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