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A Max ‘Bootista’ loses it on Twitter over Tucker Carlson statement on Russia-Ukraine vis-a-vis United States’ best interests…….


The guy completely lost it…


Fox TV host, Tucker Carlson, stated last night on his show (something that he’s repeated over the past few months, which I disagree with) that, “he’s rooting for Russia to prevail in its armed conflict with Ukraine’s fledgling democracy”. Someone called Paul Davis on Twitter took umbrage with Carlson’s statement and I responded:

He’s stating this by comparison of what is THE more existential threat, and China by far is the worst of the worst. As well as from a US self interest position, which side benefits the US most in defeating the Chi-Coms.

Since he blocked me before I could screen cap his comments, which were nothing more than bitter arrow slinging, I’ll just include my comments than trying to paraphrase him. He became unglued rather quick.

No, your narrative is BS. China by far, poses the single most existential threat to the US, the intellectual class, business class and political and media class are all in bed with them, to our detriment.

I stand behind those words, Bill Gertz on the Levin Show:

I go on:

The only people being manipulated are the ones willing to be ‘manipulated’, the Dems and their media are willing stooges.


The jackass then blocked me, I’m supposedly a “Russian Troll” for pointing out the obvious. It’s like calling someone an Islamofauxbe for pointing out the koran incites hatred of the Jews…

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