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Robert Spencer: “Relax: The London Bridge Jihad Murderer Was Deradicalized”…….


We are regularly told by authorities that: “Don’t worry, we’ve got them tagged”…



Relax: The London Bridge Jihad Murderer Was “Deradicalized”

The process upon which the West has placed so much hope is again shown to be a failure.

ITV News reported Saturday that Usman Khan, the devout Muslim who murdered two people and injured three others in a stabbing rampage on London Bridge Friday “penned a letter from his jail cell asking to take part in a deradicalisation course to become ‘a good British citizen.’” And predictably, British authorities, ever anxious to avoid charges of “Islamophobia,” fell for it hook, line, and sinker. He was even at a deradicalization event when his jihad attack began.


Khan’s plaintive cry for help came in October 2012, “after his conviction for plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange as a member of an al Qaida-inspired group.” While he was in prison, he wrote to British authorities, saying he wanted to “learn Islam and its teachings” through a “deradicalidation [sic] course.” Khan added: “I would like to do such a course so I can prove to the authorities, my family and soicity (sic) in general that I don’t carry the views I had before my arrest and also I can prove that at the time I was immature, and now I am much more mature and want to live my life as a good Muslim and also a good citizen of Britain.”


His request was granted. In fact, Khan was in Cambridge University at a deradicalization event, about to share his own story of how he discarded the twisted, hijacked Islam of jihad groups worldwide and embraced the true, peaceful version, when he left to go on his stabbing spree on the London Bridge. Deradicalization in action!


Nor is Khan by any means the first “deradicalized” Muslim to return to the jihad. Deradicalization programs have been implemented elsewhere, notably in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s deradicalization program is worse than a failure: terror analyst Paul Sperry wrote in the New York Post several years ago that “counterterrorism experts have long suspected Saudi Arabia’s ‘rehabilitation’ center for terrorists does a poor job of de-radicalizing jihadists. But a Saudi detainee at Guantanamo Bay now reveals it’s actually a recruiting and training factory for jihad.”

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