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Norway: Christian Evangelist Beaten, Robbed , Threatened With Death If He Didn’t Convert To Islam……..


There was a time when Christian street preachers were either engaged in spirited debate, just laughed at, or totally ignored altogether. Now they’re being beaten, robbed and intimidated to convert on pain of death. What changed?


H/T: Tania Groth: Meanwhile in Norway:

Young man sharing the gospel beaten and robbed by 4 Muslim men. They furthermore robbed him of his belongings and threatened to kill him if he didn’t convert to Islam. Tell me again that migration of especially Muslims is a good idea.


Roar Fløttum was frightened but would not be intimidated by the acts of violence he was subjected to by four young Muslim men. Photo: Private

Roar Fløttum was frightened but would not be intimidated by the acts of violence he was subjected to by four young Muslim men.


Beaten by Muslim youths while sharing the gospel: Robbed and knocked down on open street

Roar Fløttum was preaching the gospel and was praying for the sick yesterday when four Muslim men beat him, robbed him and threatened to kill him if he did not convert to Islam.


Roar Fløttum tells Norge Idag (Norway Today) that he had attended a prayer meeting in the church he belongs to in Trondheim. After the meeting, he usually goes around town to share the gospel and pray for the sick.


– I eventually came in contact with a group of four Muslim men. I asked if they wanted to be prayed for and they wanted it. He had a back pain. I prayed for him and he said he was about fifty percent better. I had to pray for him one more time and then he got along just fine, he said. I also had to pray for one of the others and after two prayers he was also very good. They were so shocked that I believed in them. They were very credible in the way they responded, Fløttum told Norge Idag.


– What happened after that?


They wanted to take me to a friend who they said had injured his foot and was now waiting to be picked up to be taken to the emergency room. I trusted them and joined them. They took me to a backyard. They were very nice and I couldn’t believe they would deceive me, says Fløttum.


He says that when they entered the backyard, they pushed him down a cellar staircase before hitting and kicking him in the face. He tried to protect himself, but did not strike.


– They threatened for me to give me my bank card and certificate, codes, mobile and apple ID. They held me hostage there for an hour as they pulled out the card. They made about ten thousand kroner. While they kept me there, they threatened me and said they would kill me if I did not convert to Islam. They wanted me to say a few words in Arabic. I was scared and actually thought they were going to kill me because they said they had a knife and didn’t want witnesses, ”says Fløttum.


– How are you today?


Even though they threatened my life if I went to the police, it was the first thing I did. They are now investigating the case. I hope they are caught and given help, because you can not act against fellow human beings that way. Amazingly, I’m fine. I have been to a hospital for an examination and, according to the results, I’m fine, says Fløttum.


– What does this do to your boldness to continue street evangelism?


– I’m out on the street a lot and have never experienced anything like this. It’s a bit early to say if I’m getting any traumatic feelings afterwards, but at least I have no plans to stop. I just want to tell about God’s love for other people, Fløttum told Norge Idag.

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