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Netherlands: Police Arrest Two Terrorist-Suspects, Parents Of One Suspect, “We Never Expected This”………



Police Arrest Two Terrorist-Suspects

The Dutch police has arrested two men of respectively 20 and 34 years from Zoetermeer. They are suspected of preparing a jihadist attack. The 20 year old has Dutch nationality but the family is originally from Iraq. The 34 year old apparently has the Iranian nationality. From Zoetermeer in the past various jihadists traveled to Syria and have returned from there.



Parents of arrested terror suspect: “We never expected this”


The police arrested two men aged 20 and 34 from Zoetermeer yesterday who are suspected of preparing a terrorist, jihadist attack. The attack with bomb jackets and one or more car bombs could probably have been committed in the Netherlands at the end of the year. The two were arrested after an infiltration operation by the police. The parents of the 20-year-old suspect are shocked: “If this is true, we condemn it.”

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