Finland Immigration

Immigration to Finland from other EU countries is at its lowest for over a decade…….


Nowhere in the piece does it state government incentives are needed to encourage people to start reproducing themselves…


Finland’s falling appeal

The economic and business daily Kauppalehti writes that immigration to Finland from other EU countries is at its lowest for over a decade.


The paper credits Juhana Brotherus, the chief economist for the Hypo financial services group, with compiling figures showing that immigration from the EU area into Finland was last at the current level in 1997.


Commenting on his findings, Brotherus told Kauppalehti that an ageing Finland is sorely in need of work-based immigration.


He made special note of the net decline in immigration from Estonia. “The turnaround in the flow of Estonia migration is one big factor. The background can be found in the country’s strong economic upswing,” said Juhana Brotherus.


He went on to note that while other EU countries have been recruiting skilled employees from abroad, Finland has really not made an effort to do so.


“Right now, the IT sector is boosting the economy. Skilled workers in this field can afford to choose where they go. Finland, cold, with few English-speaking support networks, stressing Finnish-language skills, is fighting against the tide,” Brotherus told Kauppalehti.


“Finland needs to step up its game, if it wants to even stay where it is,” he concluded.



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