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Daniel Greenfield: A Coup in Israel…….


The Left is the same everywhere…


Unelected bureaucrats mount a coup against a sitting Prime Minister, in effect, dictating to them who and who can’t be voted for in their elections. It’s a full-blown tyrannical stab in the heart of self-governance. They need to be removed from the bench, term limitations applied, with a repeal of their unpopular rulings by the Knesset.



A Coup in Israel

I don’t have that much to add to what the brilliant Caroline Glick wrote about the coup in Israel. It’s much like the coup taking place in the United States. The indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu, like the impeachment of President Trump, is a leftist farce put on by unelected officials.


At 4 in the afternoon, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s office announced that at 7:30 in the evening he would announce he his decision to indict Netanyahu. The underlying message was crystal clear: The day after Benny Gantz returned his mandate to form a government to President Rueven Rivlin after he failed to get a sufficient number of coalition partners to build a government, Mandelblit said that there’s no point in talking about whether or not Israel is going to new elections in March…
Voters don’t decide anything. The lawyers do. Politicians are irrelevant. The only people who count in Israel today are the unelected attorneys who run the country…
Last February, at the height of the first election campaign of the year, when Netanyahu and his right wing coalition partners were leading in all polls by a wide margin, Mandelblit took the unprecedented – and legally dubious – step of announcing his intention to indict Netanyahu of those charges – pending a pre-indictment hearing. The moment he made his announcement, the right began to slide in the polls. The Leader had spoken. And we had no right to question him. Blue and White’s scattershot campaign converged around Mandelblit’s “recommendation.” The left had a rallying cry and a reason to vote. Netanyahu’s neck was on the chopping block…
Carefully edited and wholly distorted recordings and transcripts of police interrogations of Netanyahu, his wife, son, and advisors were systematically leaked to the media. The fact that every such leak was a felony offense was of no matter. Netanyahu’s attorneys submitted request after request for Mandelblit to order an investigation of the criminal leaks. All were summarily and scornfully rejected.


The story should sound familiar. Americans are living it now.

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