MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden Welfare Abuse

Swedish Police Investigate Iraqi Defense Minister receiving welfare in Sweden…….


These Nordic bureaucrats and politicians are saps…


I wonder if  Finland’s Hussein Al-Taee’s dad, Assad, getting from the Finnish state since his return to Iraq and becoming a governor (now ex-governor)..?


H/T: Jan Sjunnesson

– In their application, which they have both signed, it is stated that they are both living on welfare from the local government.

BREAKING: Iraqi Defense Minister is receiving welfare in Sweden, investigated by police

Najah al-Shammari’s current registered residence is in a suburb of Stockholm, despite him being the Defense Minister of Iraq. Al-Shammari is also a Swedish citizen, something he achieved in 2015, after six years in Sweden. A story which News Today revealed earlier in the week using legal documents and several sources, one being AFP journalist Ammar Karim, based in Baghdad.


Being registered at the wrong address is a criminal offense in Sweden. Al-Shammari and his wife are also being investigated for welfare fraud.


Despite working as Defense Minister, al-Shammari still receives welfare from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan). Neither al-Shammari nor his wife have a registered income the last couple of years.


In their application for welfare from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the couple also claims that they have no income.


A police source tells News Today that there is an ongoing investigation into al-Shammari and his wife.


– Both he and his wife are on welfare, says the police source.


The Swedish Social Insurance Agency is responsible for paying out the welfare of the Iraqi Defense Minister and wife. On a monthly basis they are receiving a total of about 9,400 Swedish Krona, or $ 976, according to the police source.


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