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Finnish electric grid susceptible to blackouts during winter at same time politicians push for electric cars to save environment…….


These people are lunatics…


Great. Finland is dependent on “Russia” for much of its electricity during the winter, and regardless of the much-ballyhooed “climate change”, we still get harsh winters,r so what could go wrong? And yes, the present (Marxist-run) Finnish government is pushing for increased purchases of electric cars in Finland.

The government’s energy and climate strategy has an ambitious objective: by 2030, there should be 250 000 electric cars on the roads in Finland.

Power to the people

With winter right around the corner, business daily Kauppalehti says Finland could face power shortages in the coming months as Sweden will have less electricity available for export due to power plant closures.


Grid operator Fingrid said it has become more difficult to obtain imported electricity for heavily import-dependent Finland during winter consumption peaks.


An electricity shortage is possible if the whole of Finland is hit by a severe and prolonged sub-zero cold spell, according to Fingrid.


In such a case Fingrid estimates that, in a situation of peak consumption, electricity consumption in Finland will rise to approximately 15,300 MW and one-fifth of the electricity, approximately 3,400 MW, must be imported from abroad, mainly central Europe.


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