Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

The dark side of Sweden: Mothers patrol at night and trust in the police is weak………


This is a highly densely populated Muslim area…


This is what the Swedes imported into their country, without a thought of such a thing could actually occur then close their eyes to it.

The dark side of Sweden

Gang crime overshadows the lives of residents in Biskopsgården, Gothenburg, where mothers patrol at night and trust in the police is weak.

Today at 7:03 (adapted at 9:37)

Sahra Said has had enough of violence and fear. Three evenings a week, she and a group of other mothers wear orange attire and go on a patrol in the dark around the Biskopsgården suburb of Gothenburg.


This is one of Sweden’s suburbs, which has been deemed by the police as being classified as having the worst problems in the area. According to the police, the situation in the area is acute.


Continued violence in public places, high rates of crime, open drug trafficking, extremism. A culture of silence in which eyewitnesses and perpetrators are threatened and mistreated.


– Many people ask me how dare I go out late at night. I say I have to. Otherwise, all of this will continue. Police and politicians are not doing enough, Said says.


– The police will leave – outfit, rolling up 15 minutes, say bye-bye and leave. They do not see if anything, should be longer, Laila – called mother says.


Mothers rather than police

The Mother Patrol is approaching the mall. A group of young people hang out in its lobby. Mothers look around and nod: no drugs, so far it’s calm.


When mothers notice drug bags being opened or some other illegal activity, they march to the scene to chat with the young.


Mothers want to save young people who have not yet dived deep into crime circles – getting out of it is not easy. They report seeing adult men trying to attract young people into their influence.


– When we see something illegal, we tell the youngsters right now that you have to go home or we will call your mother. At first, they may laugh a little that you’re kidding. But yes, they often believe, says one of the mothers.



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