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Finland: Neo-Nazis leave ‘Juden’ stickers in front of Helsinki synagogue after Nordic Front demos in city center…….


Neo-Nazis (and Marxists) are scum, as well as their Jew-hating Shari-supremacist Islamonazi co-ideologues…


I suggest that, regardless of the law, Finnish Jews arm themselves. It’s better to be alive and to stand before a judge for defending yourself, then to be unarmed and have crime scene tape stretched around your body.


NOTE: Remember, anti-Jewish rhetoric comes from all sectors of Finnish society, even from this jackass and on national TV without a challenge from the TV host.



“Juden” stickers glued outside Jewish congregation in Helsinki – Police consider launching pre-trial investigation of neo-Nazi demonstration

According to the Jewish congregation, threatening messages are constantly coming.

Over the weekend, swastika flags and anti-Jewish stickers were on THE streets of HELSINKI.

Between Saturday and Sunday, several stickers were glued outside the Jewish congregation synagogue for anti-Semitic purposes. The stickers had a Jewish symbol of the star of David and the word “Jude” written on it.

The case is confirmed by the security department of the Jewish congregation. Similar stickers were affixed in other Nordic countries at the same time, says the security manager. The congregation’s interpretation is that the gluing of stickers on the same night in different countries is related to the so-called Crystal Night. Crystal Night was the night of November 9 to November 10, 1938, when in Germany the Nazis attacked the Jews, inter alia, breaking shop windows.

A star sticker was also found outside the Israeli embassy on Sunday evening. Dmitry Gurbanov from Helsinki took a picture of the sticker and removed it.

The gluing of stickers, however, is not a rare thing and not only related to the Kristallnacht, tells the Jewish Community Chairman Yaron Nadbornik. According to him, stickers appear “every once in awhile”.

“If not weekly, then regularly though. We remove them and then there are more, ”Nadbornik says. According to Nadbornik, stickers may also appear on private homes or in the cemetery. The congregation informs the police of stickers and other threatening activities that have gone outside the synagogue. Threats to individuals should be reported by themselves.

It has not come to the knowledge of the congregation that any of the perpetrators have ever been caught.

“The authorities have no idea of how big the problem of street racism is, and how big of a problem it can become,” Nadbornik says.

ACCORDING TO THE CONGREGATION’S security department, stickers and other intimidations against Jews have increased in the last three to four years. According to the congregation, private individuals’ homes have received hate letters and even a swastika flag. The congregation has urged all people who have been threatened to report the crime, but cannot say whether it has been done.

The Jewish congregation has raised money to strengthen its security . According to Nadbornik, security measures are now at a consistently high level. The congregation has said it currently spends more than $ 200,000 annually on its security arrangements. Ten years ago, the security budget was half that.

The Jewish congregation in Helsinki has about 1,100 members. The congregation maintains a daycare center, an elementary school, a cultural center and a synagogue in its premises in Kamppi.

OVER THE WEEKEND , a neo-Nazi demonstration with swastika flags was held at Narinkkatori in central Helsinki and in front of Stockmann. Police are considering opening a pre-trial investigation into the demonstration.

HS does not know whether the adhesives and the demonstrators are in contact with each other.

The New Nazi gathering was recently reported on Saturday by Iltalehti. According to the newspaper, it was a gathering of PVL, an organization built on the Nordic resistance movement.

PVL has been convicted as an illegal organization in Finland by a decision of the District Court and then of the Court of Appeal.

According to Iltalehti, between 5 and 10 people were present on Saturday.

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