Former politician: “Victimized for daring to speak out against totalitarian Islam: My entire life has been ruined”…….


It’s becoming an all too common feature in our daily lives…


Earlier today I received an email from a former aspiring politician in a central European country who was asking that I remove a post involving the individual several years ago. I bring this matter up -with permission of course- to highlight the extent to which the ruling elite will go to crush an individual who speaks openly and honestly about Islam.


For this former politician, like myself, opposition to Islam has always been based on principle. It’s never been about race, or ethnicity, or class, but about ideology. I’ve said this for a very long time and I’ll state it again that: “it’s not about the color of the ears, but about what travels between them that matters“. Period. Many of the most admired people in the anti-Islamization movement are those who have shed their Islamic beliefs and have adopted modernity, becoming secular or changed their religion to something else.


This has always been about saving Enlightenment based classical liberalism, something that we used to champion during the height of the Cold War. Political leaders across Europe and the US regularly gave voice on our shared Western values, virtue, and culture, and on our determination to fight for them regardless of the cost. But not anymore.


These days we’re given a steady diet of self-hatred, dissolution of our Western culture, and an ever-increasing tendency of statist government to punish the individual for speaking out from a just conscience. We are being hunted and hounded for daring to support the very notion of liberty and freedom of the individual. Businesses have also become as tyrannical as oppressive states. Once outed, political pressure can be exerted to the point of drumming the individual out of public existence entirely.


This is one such case.


My entire life has been ruined. 

There’s an article on your website concerning me. Since the original article was printed by the newspaper in question (redacted) which you linked to.
My career was ended at a (redacted) I was working for.  I have been unable to find employment in my sector as no one is willing to hire someone who dares criticize Islam. I’m trying to get all references to this article removed but its proving very difficult. I’ve tried going by a different name but to no avail, my last employer who hired me, fired me as soon they found out.
I ask that you remove the picture of me from your article (redacted)
This was obtained illegally by the (redacted) newspaper – they have since agreed to remove the image.  However, they won’t remove their smearing article about me.  However, I ask you as you are good people and I stand by your website for its content. That you kindly remove the article as simply linking to the original (redacted) article keeps the SEO of that article high in the search when people search my name.  I’m trying to move on with my life but its proving impossible while articles exist like this.
As per my text message to you. I thank you sincerely. I will follow your work and keep you updated if anything significant changes – the last 12 months have been very hard. I had no idea a view could cause so much damage. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies. It’s funny but I shouldn’t be surprised – every right-leaning publication who ran a similar story to yours was very quick to respond and came back with sympathy like yourself. Anyone on the liberal left who published the story simply laughed and said I deserved everything that came to me.
The good news is – there are far less links to this story on the internet now than a few months ago. The bad news is – Google and the Silicon Valley search engines claim I’m a public figure (even though I am not) and refuse to hide the story from their search engine. And yet if I was a rapist, murderer or thief a story about me would be hidden under the EU right to be forgotten law. So for the last several months I’ve been trying to create content that pushes these stories down the list. But sadly they remain highly ranked as so many of them are linked.I’ve lost my home, my career and my relationship because of all this so I really beg you to please just delete the article as its a very old article now.
I will be forever grateful.


Note: I deleted the article.

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