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Finland: Civilizationalist Finns Party Surges In The Polls to 23%, PM Antti Rinne’s Marxist SDP Slides Further Downhill…….


Moral of the story, do not vote Marxists into power, ever…
Finns party at 23% and rising if the trajectory holds solid. Timo Soini and ilk leaving the party was the best possible scenario! Halla-aho and fellow party leaders have taken the reigns of their future, surging ahead of all their competition. The only doubters of the party were their opposition, in the political and media fields. The sky is the limit for the PS as many believe this present government simply cannot continue. The Center Party (buffoons) who chose to join the Marxist led government bit into a poisoned apple. They’re a laughing stock. But once new elections are called, and they will be, expect them to be courted as in times past, but this time around, it will be Jussi Halla-aho doing the courting, and on his terms.

Yle Survey: Big jump in support of Finns party, SDP party’s downhill continues

The difference between the Finns who hold the top spot in the survey and the second Coalition Party has grown to almost six percentage points.


The plight of the Prime Minister’s Socialist Party just continues. The party has lost 1.7 percentage points in the October measurement of Yle.


If the elections were held now, the SDP would get 13.9 percent of the vote. With these numbers, the party would be fourth in the election.


Demaris’ support has been on a downward trend since the parliamentary elections in the spring, but it is more than five years ago which saw a similar poor reading.


The popularity of the SDP was last so low in July 2014, 13.8 percent. This is the worst chapter of Antti Rinne’s party leadership.


Expectations for the new government have been high, but few visible decisions have been made in the lives of citizens. This dissatisfaction can be channeled into mainstream parties.





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