#GardenofSweden : 9 in 10 Car Thefts Carried Out by Foreign Gangs…….


This is what awaits Finland, even after all of the evidence stupid politicians and their dumb voting base trudge ahead…

Sweden: 9 in 10 Car Thefts Carried Out by Foreign Gangs

Figures from the Swedish police’s National Operations Department (NOA) have revealed that foreign gangs are behind 90 per cent of the car thefts in the country.


The report also notes that foreign gangs are responsible for the majority of thefts of other machinery including car parts, boat engines, and agricultural machines ,and that the stolen goods are often quickly shipped outside of Sweden, Sveriges Radio reports.


While the Swedish customs administration is particularly vigilant with inspecting vehicles coming into Sweden, the agency has been seen to be much more lax with vehicles exiting the country, spending just two per cent of their time looking at outgoing vehicles.


According to the radio broadcaster, Swedish law makes it so that it is not illegal to remove stolen items from the country, making it difficult, if not impossible, for the customs administration to detain and arrest those smuggling goods out of Sweden.


Foreign gangs are also said to be behind nearly half of all home burglaries as well, according to the NOA statistics.


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