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Joe Hoft: The Democrats’ seditious coup…….


At least Brennan and McCabe should be forced to dance to the short rope… 


Clinton, Obama and the rest of the cabal thrown into the clink.


This Is A Seditious Coup – Last Time Democrats Did This They Eventually Hanged for Their Sedition

Today the Democrats running the House made official their plans to remove President Trump from office.  President Trump is arguably the best US President since Lincoln, the last great President removed from office by Democrats.


Lincoln was assassinated after holding the country together and freeing Democrat owned slaves in the great Civil War.  President Trump is too good for the Democrats.  He has an ‘America First’ agenda which the traitorous ruling class despises.


It’s time that we Americans stand and call this what it is.  This is another Democrat attempt to remove a President through any means necessary.  It is seditious and treasonous.  The Democrats in the 1860’s that were in on the Lincoln assassination were killed in their escape or hanged high.


We are entering a new phase when it’s time to hold all seditious and treasonous Democrats who actively act to remove President Trump from office to the same fate!

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