Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield: 2020 Dems Stand With J Street, Hamas and ISIS Against Israel…….


So much for the vaunted power of the “Jewish Lobby” in managing politics vis-a-vis Israel…

2020 Dems Stand With J Street, Hamas and ISIS Against Israel

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders declare war on the Jewish State.

Not a single 2020 Democrat candidate from the massive field spoke at AIPAC’s pro-Israel summit in the spring. But 5 of the 2020 Dems, Sanders, Buttigieg, Castro, Klobuchar, and Bennett, were featured at the J Street conference alongside anti-Israel activists, BDS supporters, and terrorists.


Those 2020 Dems who couldn’t attend the anti-Israel hatefest in person sent video messages.


Elizabeth Warren sent in a video message threatening to cut off aid to Israel unless it surrenders to Islamic terrorists. Then she promised to divide Jerusalem, turning half the ancient holy city into a killing ground for the murderous terrorists already occupying Gaza and portions of the West Bank.


Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, Marianne Williamson, and even Andrew Yang joined her in sending messages of support and friendship to the anti-Israel group which has featured BDS supporters and terrorists.


The majority of the 2020 Democrat field have aligned with an anti-Israel organization.


J Street’s conference speakers included Osama Qawasma, a Fatah spokesman, a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, and an advisor to PA terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas. Osama had claimed that Israel “rules” over America, that it’s worse than Hitler, and is plotting against all the Arab countries.


Osama had defended Palestinian Authority laws that would sentence any Muslim who rents a home to Jews to a lifetime of hard labor, and ranted, “Those traitors are destined to die a humiliating death.”

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