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German GOV comapany may be working with Iranian terrorist group IRGC…….


Germany under Merkel has given up on the idea of not dealing with Nazis…


IMAG trade fair group under fire for organizing events in Iran.

 OCTOBER 30, 2019 23:35
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration and a semi-government company are organizing trade affairs in the Islamic Republic of Iran that are circumventing US sanctions and may expose the German event business to American economic penalties due to terrorism.
The European organization Stop The Bomb said in a Tuesday statement that businesses “involved in those fairs were in the past also companies that are affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] and the Iranian military. Those companies hold responsibility for the repression in Iran, destabilizing the region and threatening Israel. Through IMAG’s [International Trade Fair Service] fairs they gain recognition, profit and the possibility to initiate business deals globally.”

The United States government classifies the IRGC a foreign terrorist organization. Stop the Bomb seeks to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program and improve human rights in the Islamic Republic.

Ulrike Becker, a spokeswoman for Stop the Bomb , said “We think it’s unbearable that the German government and German companies are a leading actor in establishing business with the only regime which considers the annihilation of Israel a linchpin of its foreign policy. We call upon both the Government and the companies: Stop your activities in Iran! There must not be any business with Iran until the regime stops the threats against Israel, its support of terrorism in the region and globally and of course its constant violations of human rights.”

Jerusalem Post press queries to IMAG’s managing director, Peter Bergleiter, Gabriele Kraus, a senior executive at IMAG, and the company’s public relations director, Claudia Grzelke, were not answered.

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