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JPost: Finnish High school matriculation exam used BDS inspired bogus anti-Israel map, MP’s from three parties demand answers…………..


They need to look no further than the present Minister of Education, the openly anti-Israel Marxist leader of the hard-Left, Li Andresson.



I ran into some of her acolytes some six years ago in Jyväskylä, when the Finnish Lutheran Church affiliated (radical-Leftist infested) EAPPI group was holding an “info night” on the Palestinian-Israel situation. They used the exact same map that has been debunked time and again by the Elder of Ziyon,  falsely depicting how Arab ”owned” land was taken away from them by the Jews.



Former EAPPI-observers speaking:

Rami Kolehmainen, journalist and teacher

Eero Mäntymaa, journalist

Elina Savo, Master of Science in Technology



One of the presenters of the anti-Israel event -promoted by the Finnish branch of ICAHD, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions- currently works for the state broadcaster, Eero Maäntymaa (pictured to the left). The other presenter (pictured above), is Rami Kolehmainen, journalist, and teacher who works for Finn Church Aid, yet another state organization subverted by the radical Left. He currently is working for the FCA in Cambodia.




Upon the formation of the government headed by PM Antti Rinne (SDP), the radical-Leftist “Vasemmisto” (The Left) has been given the ministry of education. Li Andersson, a career politician vehemently against the state of Israel, has filled her dept with like-minded Israel haters, so it’s no wonder at all that such propaganda was allowed to be used in an exam which reads:

The maps depict the Jewish and Palestinian settlements in Palestine in 1946, the United Nations’ 1944 regionalization proposal, and the Israeli state and Palestinian territories in 1949-1967 and 2008. The areas in green are Palestinian and the area in white is Jewish (since 1949 the State of Israel).
Source: Leif Löwegren & Robert de Vries, Förenklat om Palestine Conflict . Social teaching materials site SO-rummet. Published 9/16/2015. Accessed June 24, 2018. Translation: YTL.


Totally bogus.


The image of the four maps has widely been debunked as misleading and deceptive.

 OCTOBER 28, 2019 19:27

Materials apparently taken from pro-BDS, anti-Israel organizations were included in a Finnish high school history matriculation exam this September.


In particular, a widely used image amongst anti-Israel groups of four supposedly historical maps of Israel and Mandate Palestine designed as an attempt to demonstrate the supposed seizure of private land from Palestinian Arabs by the Zionist movement and the State of Israel is used as the starting point for questions on the history of the region.


The image of the four maps has widely been debunked as misleading and deceptive, since it purposefully conflates private land ownership with political borders, and also conceals Arab land ownership within the modern State of Israel.


Nevertheless, the autumn examinations in the Finnish high school system presented the maps as factual, describing them as depicting “the Jewish and Palestinian settlements in Palestine in 1946, adding, the areas in green are Palestinian and the area in white is Jewish (since 1949 the State of Israel).”


More here.

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