Finland Lefty Morons

Finnish PM Antti Rinne (SDP Marxist) admits by default Finland has no foreign policy outside of EU, not a soverign state……..


You can’t call your state sovereign and not be in charge of your own foreign policy, currency, interest rates, and borders etc…

Monday’s papers: PM on Isis

Prime Minister Antti Rinne went on national broadcaster Yle’s traditional ‘Question Time’ programme on Sunday and spoke on a variety of issues; local daily Turun Sanomat highlighted a few key topics, among which was Rinne’s cautious view on the repercussions of the recent death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of terrorist group Isis.


“The fight against Isis troops is still not over. If these dramatic events are true, the death of the leader effectively raises the risk of retaliatory terrorist strikes,” TS quoted Rinne as saying.


US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that American troops cornered al-Baghdadi in Idlib, Syria where the terrorist leader committed suicide by detonating an explosive, also killing three of his children.


TS wrote that Rinne saw little chance of the European Union reacting quickly to the developments in Syria due to the EU’s principle of unanimity. He said that Finland’s view has long been that issues of foreign policy should be decided by majority vote in the EU for faster responses to crises.


Rinne also touched on other phenomena, such as abolishing daylight savings time in Finland in favour of a permanent ‘summer time’. The European Parliament has already approved a bill that would put an end to moving the hour hands twice a year in all EU states by 2021. EU governments still have to agree on the proposal.


“We would have more sunlight in the evenings. The 2021 deadline seems unfeasible,” said Rinne.



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