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UK: Anjem Choudary’s bodyguard/ISIS executioner killed in Syria…….


Anjem’s pal…


At least he won’t be taking up the British taxpayer’s money…

Anjem Choudary’s bodyguard who became ISIS executioner is killed in Syria

Poppy-burning Mohammed Reza Haque – dubbed the Jihadi Giant – was believed to have survived until the final battle of the ISIS caliphate


Hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s bodyguard who became an ISIS executioner has been killed in Syria, it is reported.


Mohammed Reza Haque, who was seen burning plastic poppy outside the Royal Albert Hall on Remembrance Sunday nine years ago, fled the UK to join the terror group in 2014


The 39-year-old, dubbed as the ‘Jihadi Giant’ due to his 6ft6in frame, is believed to have survived until the so-called ‘caliphate’ along with his wife.


A source told Daily Mail: “He died, either in the final battle of Baghouz, or from his injuries shortly afterwards.”


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