Buffoonery Finland ISLAMIC STATE

Finland’s gay foreign minister Haavisto says he’s working to repatriate Islamonazi women from Syria to Finland…….


Finland’s openly gay Foreign Minister wants to bring Finnish ISIS women to Finland, who would throw both him and his mate (and any other homosexual) off the tallest building in Helsinki if they could…


Finn Party Chairman Jussi Halla aho on Twitter:

Denmark swiftly adopted a law allowing the nationality of ISIS women to be withdrawn. Finland works every day to bring them to Finland. Life in a red-green la la land.


Pekka Haavisto on the situation of “Isis women” on Ykkösaamu morning show: “I can assure you that everyday work is being done here”

Pekka Haavisto repeated on Ykkösaamu program an earlier position, according to which Finnish citizens in the (TT: ISIS) camp have the right to return to Finland.


Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (VIHR-Greens) explains that the Turkish military operations in Syria have not influenced the al-Hol camp, which includes Finnish women and children.


“Fortunately, the camp is at a distance from the border that the Turkish attacks and military action have not affected the people. However, the number of guards has been reduced; The Kurds have left to defend their own country, “he commented on Yle’s Ykkös morning show on Saturday.


In Finland, during the summer and autumn, there has been intense debate about the situation of the so-called Isis women in the Al-Hol camp. Among other things, the coalition and the Finns party have highlighted the fact that this is a terrorist organisation involved in the activities of ISIS.




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