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Turkey-Finland: Turkey’s Erdogan trying to sue man in Tampere over online insults ‘of his honor’…….


The Islamic mindset on full display…



It’s obvious that it’s a Turk in question, but given the current political drift in Finnish society, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Erdogan actually finds legal standing here. For a long time now Finnish courts have been convicting Finns for ‘giving offense’ over online posts mocking, criticizing Islam. The dhimmi mindset is in full play here.


Turkey accuses Finnish man of defamation of president Erdogan − Turkish court requests legal assistance from a Finnish court

The European Court of Human Rights has found the article 299 of the Turkish Criminal Code problematic and not suitable for the open democracies.

24.10.2019 15.10 – PÄIVITETTY 24.10.2019 15.19

Turkey seeks assistance from the Finnish court in Tampere.

Tuomas RimpiläinenAamulehti

Turkey has sent a request of international legal assistance to Finland. Turkish officials seek help from the District Court of Pirkanmaa, Tampere. They request help in a criminal matter of defamation against the president Erdogan.


The defendant is a citizen of both Finland and Turkey. The court has not yet released the documents concerning the case. The details of the charge are unclear.


According to Turkish criminal codes article 299, insulting the Turkish president is a criminal offence. The penalty is one to four years in prison.

The European Court of Human Rights has found the article problematic. In its judgement Artun and Guvener v. Turkey the court took a negative stance against the use of the article 299. The court decision took the stance that it was problematic that the president enjoys extended protection in relation to received criticism.


According to the Finnish Law on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, the assistance is not given in a case that violates human rights or fundamental liberties.


The defence is now considering opposing the request. The defendant’s attorney Kaarle Gummerus is however not willing to discuss the details of the case at this point.


– My client is accused of spreading information online that is found offensive, Mr. Gummerus says.



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