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Netherlands: Cocaine king-pin of cartel that dominates the international market hiding out in Dubai with other cadres…….


Dutchman Part of International Cartel dominating Cocaine Market

According to the police the Dutch criminal Ridouan Taghi is part of a huge cartel which, together with members of the Italian, Irish and Bosnian mafia, dominates a large part of the European Cocaine market. Taghi is being searched by the Dutch authorities because of several underworld murders. The Dutch prosecution thinks that he lives in Dubai where also other members of the cartel are probably living.




The police believe that fugitive Ridouan Taghi is part of a “super cartel” that controls around a third of the cocaine trade in Europe, AD reports based on police documents in its possession. Other members of this “super cartel” include leaders from the Italian, Irish and Bosnian mafias, the newspaper writes.


According to AD, the authenticity of the documents in its possession has been confirmed. These documents form part of an investigation into family members of Edin G. from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and were leaked through Bosnian media. The American DEA considers Edin G. one fo the 50 largest drug traffickers in the world.


The drug cartel operates from Dubai, according to the newspaper. In the documents, the police estimate that 100 thousand kilos of cocaine are smuggled to the port of Rotterdam every year. This network accounts for a third of that, the police believe.


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