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UK: Judge calls Muslim depraved for sexually assaulting 12 y/o, then gives suspended sentence…….


Yank these judges off the courts…


‘Depraved’ 50-year-old man sexually assaulted girl, 12

Bradford Crown Court

A “depraved” 50-year-old man who sexually assaulted a girl of 12 has been warned by a judge he will go to prison for years if he molests a child again.


Waheed Ali, who touched the child on the breast when he came across her walking her dog in the Bradford district, was sentenced to 28 weeks imprisonment suspended for two years.


Ali, of Hastings Avenue, Little Horton, Bradford, pleaded guilty on the day of his trial to sexually assaulting the girl last year.


She had bravely turned up at Bradford Crown Court to give evidence and be cross-examined, prosecutor Mehran Nassiri said.


In her victim personal statement, the girl said she had been upset and anxious since she was assaulted.


Her mother said she was “angry and furious” about what had happened to her daughter.


Ali’s actions had a lifelong impact on the whole family.


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