Islamic Child Abuse madrassas Nigeria

Nigeria: Madrassa indoctrinated men and boys chained, beaten and molested…….


Anyone seeing a pattern here..?


500 more men and boys are freed from a THIRD Nigerian Islamic school where they were chained up, molested and beaten amid fears thousands of children are being held at other sites

  • Police have freed around 500 more men from a third Islamic school in Nigeria
  • Many of the men had been chained to walls and beaten, according to police 
  • It comes after more than 300 men and boys were freed from second school   
  • School was established by a Muslim cleric 40 years ago and teaches the Koran
  • Families enrolled relatives to learn scripture and be treated for drug addiction

Police freed about 500 men and boys from a third Islamic school, many of whom had been chained to walls, molested and beaten, police sources said.


The raid in Katsina, northern Nigeria on Wednesday was the third such operation in less than a month, bringing the total of people freed from abusive conditions this month alone to about 1,000.


President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is under pressure to take urgent action to free the potentially thousands of other children who remain in similar schools across Nigeria.


It comes after more than 300 young men were freed from a second Nigerian Islamic boarding school on Monday, where they were chained up and raped.


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