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Yom Kippur Synagogue Attacker Kills Two in Germany, denies Holocaust, claims “the root of all these problems is the Jew.”…….


Another Holocaust-denying, Jew-hating, fringe lunatic National Socialist…


I have never exchanged words with a Holocaust-denying Jew-hater that had all of his or her’s marbles in place. All forms of socialism, Islamic supremacism (sharia 101 Islam) is evil. Ramming Islam into the continent is supercharging the latent Jew-hatred all ready here in fringe circles.


Yom Kippur Synagogue Attacker Kills Two in Germany

Gunman denies Holocaust, and claims “the root of all these problems is the Jew.”


“Anti-Semitic Yom Kippur shooter is arrested after livestreaming himself killing two people near German synagogue while ranting about the Holocaust, feminism and immigration,” the Daily Mail reported Wednesday. Bild identified the gunman as “Neo-Nazi Stephan Baillet,” 27 years old and in custody after arrest.


About 70 people were inside the synagogue in Halle, Germany, including 10 Americans, according to CBS News. The shaven-head shooter dressed in a military or police-style uniform, wore a helmet equipped with a camera, and deployed several rifles. A report based on his video, posted on the gaming site Twitch but since taken down, speculated that Baillet had explosive devices in his car.


Baillet reportedly hails from Saxony-Anhalt, the German state that includes the city of Halle, and was not previously known to police. Prior to his attempt to enter the synagogue, Baillet “addressed his camera during the live stream and made anti-Semitic remarks in English,” referring to himself as “Anon.” Baillet said, “I think the Holocaust never happened,” adding, “feminism is the cause of decline in birth rates in the West,” before decrying mass immigration and concluding: “The root of all these problems is the Jew.”


For all his high-powered hardware, Baillet was unable to get into the synagogue, firing shots at the gate which failed to yield. During this effort, he threw a grenade into the synagogue’s cemetery and shot a woman walking down the street. The gunman then drove to a Turkish kebab shot, where he shot and killed a man, left the shop, then returned to fire at the victim’s dead body.


Baillet fled the area in his own car and drove to Landsberg in Wiedersdorf, where he stole a taxi and fled. A truck rammed the taxi and police took Baillet into custody. At this writing, he has yet to make a statement and names of the victims have not been released.


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