Finland Hate Speech laws

Finns MP Islam critic Sebastian Tynkkynen found ‘guilty’ for FB post linking Islam and terrorism…….


This is the “offending line”?:

“they have one thing in common: they all serve Allah”. […] The court stated that Tynkkynen has linked Islam and terrorism in both images and words. 

The “cognizant of Islam-challenged” judge deemed it racist, saying it conflated Muslims and terrorism. It didn’t, but that was the (politically-based) decision by the court. Even if he did mean every single Muslim, though wrong, it’s protected speech even if Finnish courts don’t recognize it as such. Unalienable rights are not the product of politicians, it comes from our creator.


Of course terrorism is linked to Islam, Mohamed did that himself. Only an ignoramus/ideologue ridden judicial system could convict someone for stating this fact.

Quran 8:12 – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

MP Sebastian Tynkkynen’s second verdict on agitation against an ethnic group

Sebastian Tynkkynen, a MP from the Oulu, has been sentenced to a fine of 50 days for incitement against a group of people. The amount of the fine is slightly over EUR 4,000.


The verdict applies to the text and image shared by Tynkkynen in his Facebook account in 2016. According to the verdict, Tynkkynen’s view of the Islamic group is a deliberate, racist and disparaging hate speech that is generally directed at all Muslims and is likely to incite contempt and even hatred based on religious intolerance toward the Islamic group.


According to the district court, Tynkkynen must have realized that the connection between the image and the text he created was so intense that the public understood it to mean that all Muslims are terrorists. The prosecutor demanded a fine of 60 days for Tynkkynen.


The district court ordered Tynkkynen to remove the posts from Facebook and Instagram.


The recent verdict is not Tynkkynen’s first: he was convicted of incitement against an ethnic group and violation of religious peace in a fine of 50 days in 2017.


Tynkkynen is also suspected of inciting incitement against the people in his Facebook posts in 2017. The case has been passed from the Oulu police to the prosecutor for prosecution . Whether the prosecutor will prosecute will be determined later.


Halla-aho: Judgment is unlikely to lead to consequences in the party or parliamentary group


The Finns’ chairman, Jussi Halla-aho, does not believe that Tynkkynen will have any consequences for the party or parliamentary group as a result of the verdict.


Halla-aho questions Tynkkynen’s verdict and wonders if the legislation against the ethnic group is up to date. According to Halla-aho, the statute should be clarified and thus improve legal certainty.


Halla-aho describes this law as a kind of perpetual movement that always gets a conviction of Finns party MP.


Ville Tavio , chairman of the Finns’ parliamentary group, says the ruling is not yet final. Therefore, the parliamentary group does not intend to make any decisions on Tynkkynen’s situation.


Police are also currently investigating suspicions of three other MPs . Helsinki police suspect Päivi Räsänen (vol.), Hussein al-Taeeta (sd.) And Juha Mäenpää (ps.) For inciting an ethnic group.



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