UK: Sikh peer quits BBC job of 35 years accusing the Corporation of “prejudice”, you can’t criticize Islam…….


In the Dhimmified UK, you can never criticize Islam, all the while they say you can…



Sikh peer quits BBC job of 35 years accusing the Corporation of “prejudice”

A well known British Sikh peer had quit his BBC role after 35 years accusing the broadcaster of “prejudice”, he quit in protest following the public broadcaster saying some of his talks “might offend Muslims”.


Due to the disagreement between the BBC and Lord Singh of Wimbledon, he will no longer deliver Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4.


According to The Time, the journalist known by listeners as Indarjit Singh, has accused the corporation of “prejudice and intolerance”. 


Lord Singh’s comments come after the BBC attempted to stop him from broadcasting an item commemorating an executed Sikh guru “because it might offend Muslims”. 


However, it was reported the Scotsman that the script was broadcast in November of last year and contained no criticism of Islam.


Lord Singh told The Times: “It was like saying to a Christian that he or she should not talk about Easter for fear of giving offence to the Jews.”


The BBC is said to have caved and let Lord Singh read the script after he threated the broadcaster he would leave his Radio 4 slot rather than have his religion’s teachings “insulted in this way”.

The 87-year-old peer filed a complaint about the way he had been treated citing it was not the first time the corporation had stopped him from broadcasting and addressing subjects important to the Sikh faith.

Despite this, his complaint was rejected after the BBC director of radio James Purnell ordered a review.


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